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International Symposium

The International Symposium "Current Topics in Gene and Cell Technologies" is a scientific and educational platform for specialists (doctors, researchers, state regulators and journalists). The symposium was created as meeting place for sharing new scientific information, discussing recent discoveries, and exchanging experience in the application of new medical technologies related to cell transplantation, tissue engineering and gene therapy.

Other events under the general brand "Current Topics in Gene and Cell Technologies" are held throughout the course of the year, attracting highly qualified lectures and presenters as well as engaged and interested audiences.

The 1st international symposium on current issues in cell-based technologies was organized by HSCI in 2007 in Moscow. Since then, the event has been held on an annual basis and works presented at the symposium are published in Cell Transplantology and Tissue Engineering journal.

The VI International Symposium “Current Topics in Gene and Cell Technologies” was held on Ocober 11-12, 2013, in Moscow.

VI International Symposium
OCTOBER 11-12, 2013