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Cell Technology Laboratory LLC

The Laboratory is a research subdivision of HSCI in Russia created for developing innovative cell- and gene-based technologies with high promising medical application such as ESC and iPS. The Laboratory holds a number of patents.      

iPS cells

iPS cells(induced Pluripotent Stem cells) represent promising areas in regenerative medicine. As of now, iPS cells are considered not only as the research target but also as the centerpiece of future regenerative medicine and a possible model for conducting preclinical trials of medical products. In Russia, the dedifferentiation procedure of pluripotent stem cells from a human adult cell based on gene-therapy methods was developed and tested in the Cell Technology Laboratory. The Laboratory specialists publicly demonstrated the possibility of obtaining autologous pluripotent stem cells. iPS cells are now available only for preclinical investigation, however, the prospects of their use are very promising. The discovery of iPS cells opens a new phase in developing combined methods of cell- and gene therapy to treat inherited diseases.