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Vitacel LLC

The company is focused on developing cell-based technologies. Vitacel has developed and patented SPRS-therapy – an individual skin regeneration method based on the use of autologous skin fibroblasts for skin defects treatment.

SPRS-therapy is a unique program combining diagnostic procedures, development of a stand-alone SPRS-product, cell therapy implementation and the application of cosmetology. The complex of diagnostic procedures provides an individual identification of the patient’s skin, a basis for preparing a personal program, focused on the correction of skin aging changes with the cell-therapy techniques. An SPRS-product involves the patient’s own skin cells (fibroblasts). SPRS-therapy is based on dosed impregnation of the patient’s skin within the areas of concern with the patient’s own processed skin cells. The methods of cell-based therapy allow for the restoration of the skin’s microstructure and stimulate the natural process of its renewal. SPRS-therapy application results in reducing the number and depth of wrinkles, improving the skin surface, thickening the derma, increasing the number of active fibroblasts in the derma and its collagen density. Since December 2009, the technology of using autologous skin fibroblasts for skin defects treatment, used in the SPRS-therapy, has been approved by the Russian regulator (Roszdravnadzor). 

The company continues working on the development of the technology of restoration of periodontium soft and hard tissues by applying autologous gingival fibroblasts and biocomposite osteoplastic material (SPRG-therapy, SPRB-therapy).